Friday, June 10, 2005

4th Letter to Governing Body and Annointed

The Governing Body
25 Columbia Heights

Brooklyn, NY.
11201-2483 U.S.A.

June 10th, 2005

Dear Brothers,

This is now the 4th letter I have written to you.

The intent of this one is to further explain the profundity of the previous letters and the significance of the information.

Failed prophecy made by Jehovah’s Witnesses in the past has obviously been cause for some embarrassment. One of the most prevalent of these which currently persists in its failure is the interpretation of the "generation that will by no means pass away" Mt 24:34 The WTBTS associated "this generation" with those who were alive in 1914. Obviously the generation alive in 1914 is now mostly passed away and the expected tribulation has still not started.

The information presented in my previous letters is valuable for understanding which generation is the correct. The reasoning for this is explained in the following:

Jesus Christ’s words were most certainly spoken with the intent that someone would understand and interpret them correctly. The words he spoke in the following scripture seem most definitely intended to properly identify "the generation":

33 Likewise also YOU, when YOU see all these things, know that he is near at the doors. 34 Truly I say to YOU that this generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur. -

Matthew 24:33-34

Therefore it is the generation that "sees all these things", which is the generation "that will by no means pass away".

In order to identify the correct generation two questions must now be answered as follows:

1/ :- what are all these things?


2/ :- when was the last one seen?

I hope you will now agree that once the tribulation has started the question of identifying "the generation" becomes redundant, as the answer is obvious. If this seems rational to you then you should also now agree that "the generation" must be identifiable through our Lord Jesus Christ’s words, which describe manifestations that occur prior to the start of the tribulation. Once the tribulation has started the judge is no longer "near at the doors" but has already started judging. With the judging started the system of things is being concluded and the generation can expect to endure all those things described to occur after the tribulation starts.

If this is understood then it should now easily be discerned that the words of Jesus are intended for someone "on the watch" to properly recognise the generation before the tribulation and judgement starts, not during and not afterwards. If this were not true then our Lord Jesus Christ would have said words in vain. Never could that be the case. In this way the scriptures in Matthew Chapter 24 truly would be beneficial for setting matters straight.

In Matthew Chapter 24 Jesus Christ seems to purposefully separate the things which precede the tribulation from the things which succeed the tribulation by saying; "Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened," Mt 24:29.

The first important question has therefore been answered.

All the things to be seen are those written prior to verse 29 of Matthew Chapter 24.

The WTBTS has explained that it was the generation alive in 1914, however, were all of the things written prior to verse 29 also immediately seen in 1914?

I believe not.

They were to be progressively seen after Jesus Christ’s presence started. In order to correctly identify the generation, each one of the manifestations described would need to be carefully noted as they were seen. Were all those remaining on the list carefully watched for? Isn’t this what our Lord Jesus Christ really meant by "keeping on the watch".

Once the very last of "all those things" has been seen a very important scriptural milestone is reached. Not only would "the generation" be correctly identified, other chronological measurements now become viable through the scriptures written in Daniel Chapter 12.

Strong admonishments from our Lord Jesus Christ to "keep on the watch" imply that a manifestation we are watching for could easily slip by unnoticed.

A watchman’s job is to announce the nearness rather than the actual arrival. If a watchman announces the arrival only and not the nearness of the arrival then his purpose seems redundant. To have the arrival announced only and not the nearness seems far from the intent of our Lord Jesus Christ’s words contained in Matthew Chapter 24.

So now to answer the next question:

2:- When was the last one seen?

"27 For just as the lightning comes out of eastern parts and shines over to western parts, so the presence of the Son of man will be." Matthew 24:27

Jesus Christ cannot be talking about an ordinary manifestation of lightning here. If it is lightning which comes out of eastern parts and shines over to western parts then it must be an extraordinarily powerful manifestation of lightning. If he were referring to ordinary lightning it would make no difference. If these scriptures are indeed to be fulfilled then this lightning must be one of the "things" that we should see.

YOU saw this extremely powerful manifestation of unapproachable light at an appointed time, through my letter sent on January 16, 2003. A copy of this letter is enclosed as a reminder.

The second question:

2:- When was the last one seen?

Has now been answered.

The generation alive on January 16, 2003 is the one that will by no means pass away until all those things spoken of by our Lord in Matthew Chapter 24, occur.

The letter explained how the Tunguska Event of 1908 manifested Jesus Christ’s presence. If you carefully researched the referenced information on the Tunguska event you should have seen that it not only included an extraordinarily powerful manifestation of lightning, also manifested were loud thundering, the ground quaked, a very loud roaring, an extremely strong wind, violent disturbances and an enormous fire.

In this way "from Jehovah of armies you have had attention with thunder and with quaking and with a great sound, storm wind and tempest, and the flame of a devouring fire." Isaiah Chapter 29 and verse 6 has been fulfilled.

Will you understand that the surrounding scriptures must also now be having a fulfilment upon you?

If the last manifestation on the list is now seen the remaining events described by Jesus will shortly proceed. The first to expect is the judging of both the faithful and evil slave when our Lord Jesus Christ opens the door. (Mt 24:33) I understand why this might be troubling news for you, especially since you have been espousing the fulfilment of this event in 1919 and suggesting that the evil slave no longer exists.

If a watchman is keeping watch however, it is to the "house of israel" that he must first blow the horn in warning. Ezekiel the prophet in Chapter 3 and verse 17 explains this.

Please accept that with this letter you should now understand that the warning horn was blown on January 16th, 2003.

Should any of those responsible for providing food at the proper time or those to whom the food should be given suffer an adverse judgement, may this letter serve as a witness to our Lord Jesus Christ that I should be free from their blood.

Matthew describes this adverse judgement as; "He will cut him to pieces" Mt 24:51 NIV
Daniel describes it as; "dashing of the power of the hold people to pieces" Da 12:7 NWT
Isaiah describes it as; "crushed to pieces without ones sparing" Isaiah 30:14 NWT

The WTBTS used 1914 as the scriptural milestone from which to measure both the "generation that will by no means pass away" mentioned in Matthew Chapter 24 and the "appointed time, appointed times and a half" mentioned in Daniel 12:7

If the same chronological liberty is taken with the newly understood date then 1260 days should be added to January 16, 2003.

Using this calculation, the "dashing of the power of the holy people to pieces" should suddenly commence and then conclude at sometime "within a year and some days". (Isaiah 32:10)

Although neither Jesus nor the angels are aware of the day or hour they certainly had enough information to determine the "watch" during which the conclusion would start. This letter proves the admonishments "to keep on the watch" for the fulfilment of Jesus Christ’s words in Matthew Chapter 24 have not been in vain.

If you are indeed the faithful slave this manifestation should find you joyfully anticipating the next period of time for the reasons described by Paul in his letter to Timothy; "From this time on there is reserved for me the crown of righteousness, which the lord, the righteous judge, will give me as a reward in that day, yet not only me, but all those who have loved his manifestation." (2 Timothy 4:8)

In Matthew Chapter 24 our Lord Jesus described with strong words the actions of the evil slave saying; "if ever that slave should say in his heart, ‘My master is delaying.’ And should start to beat his fellow slaves and should eat and drink with the confirmed drunkards".

If your fellow slaves are being beaten (disfellowshipped, rebuked, excluded, ignored, reviled) and alliances with worldly nations, governments or organisations are being made (drinking with drunkards), or lifesaving truths are being withheld or ignored (food at the proper time), then you should be very, very, very concerned about your future.

With the contents of this letter properly contemplated you should now understand why it is important for yourselves and those in your care to understand this and also why it has been important for me to reveal these things to you.

If the world had been told of these things the matter of sovereignty would already be set straight. (Isaiah 2:4)

Certainly this understanding has the power to convince those who may now be having doubts to persevere with loyalty and in this way should become a lifesaving truth for all those in your care. (2Th 2:10)

The contents of this letter are intended for all of those anointed and invited ones.

Please share it with them all.

The prophet Daniel was informed in the 12th chapter that many would not understand.

For this reason I hope this letter finds you paying close attention.

With Christian Love,


(I have omitted my real name so that no accusation can be made against me that I might be trying to start a sect or following however, my real name and address appears on the original letter)

Copy to:

The Presiding Overseer

Overseer, Canadian Bethel.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I would just like to make a comment on "this generation" the witnesses have no idea what Jesus meant by that remark. If you would like to understand this, please read Matthew chapter 23, where Jesus is condemning the JEWS and telling them the kingdom is going to be taken away from them and given to another people showing faith and it will all take place during THIS GENERATION! The first century generation NOT OUR GENERATION. But, as false prophets and teachers the witnesses do not have the true guidence and make up things as they go along. They have also changed their minds many times already as to "THIS GENERATION and its meanings. But, Everything is explained by Jesus in chapter 23 of Matthew. Happy reading. One very important web page to read is

Anonymous said...

It seems to me Jehovahs witnesses are combining the three meetings, the book study, theocratic school and the service meeting starting Jan 2009 so that they run down the amount of printing done which includes their magazines and their books. They have cut their book study to half it's time which means their book lasts twice as long to cover,also they are NOT producing NEW books but are in fact coverning OLD books they have studied many times. It seems to me, the governing body are going to do a runner in the very near future and disapear with all the assets. Remember, the two destructions upon Jerusalem in the past were judgements from God and IF as they claim, they are the NEW SYMBOLIC JERUSALEM today as God's Isreal,then their destruction is very near now. Destruction because they are FALSE PROPHETS claiming to be appointed as God's prophet on the earth today, but, are in fact false and all their prophesies have proved false. Let their end be swift and final.

Anonymous said...

To the overseer at the Canadian Bethel.

From reading your comments you feel that you might be one of the chosen who will be collected by the angels shortly. Matt 24v30,31.

But I would like to know whether you have been visited by the angels yet as to the holy spirit being poured out and the proof of your claim.

Some have received the insight from the holy spirit just like the apostle Paul but after receiving that insight 2nd Thess 2 about the man of lawlessness they have left Jersualem and as a remnant collected and taken out ready for the return of their bridegroom. If you have had that insight, directly from Jesus and his angels, WHY ARE YOU STILL INSIDE JERUSALEM?

You can test your insight if you KNOW what happened to Lot's wife and who killed her.

Another way to test whether you have that calling is recorded in 1st John 2v17 ~ Jeremiah 31v31
have you received fresh insight into God's word that you did not have before? and correcting the ORGs teachings and the revealing of that man of lawlessness.

The bride class were NOT awoken until quite recently so this adoption by the holy spirit would be very striking.

Once again, if you really have that spirit of adoption, WHY are you still in Jerusalem?

As for taking the "emblems" at our Lord's last supper memorial, this does NOT prove one is of that chosen group because Jogn chapter 6 shows EVERYONE SHOULD EAT THE BODY OF THE CHRIST if they want everlasting life and a resurrection on the last day. verses 49-60 v53 "unles you eat," and v 47-52 likens the body of Jesus to the "manna in the wilderness which EVERYONE ate, so too, Jesus says everyone must eat of the "living bread" which came down from heaven for the foregiveness of sins and he will resurrect them on the last day, during the 1000 year reign, and v40.

This is something your founder Charles Russell agreed with in the early watch towers where he printed it was for EVERYONE puing faith in Jesus.

In the garden of Eden God told man NOT to eat of the tree in the middle of the garden or he would die, Satan on the other hand told Eve, you certainly will NOT die if you eat from it. This is a deliberate lie agaist the father saying "she would nOT die". You agree with this?

But what of now, under the NEW covenant. Jesus says in John 6 you MUST eat of the body of the Christ if you want everlasting life and a resurrection on the last day, but, your governing body says, if everyone eats from the body of the Christ, they will die, sounds like we have been here before.
God says one thing contradicted by Satan and Jesus says now tell everyone to eat and your governing body says no! Are they even over the Lord Jesus Christ?

No chance, they are false shephereds under Satanic influence. Their end is close.

ablebodiedman said...

I have already been excluded by my brothers (Isaiah 66:5). I am out side the camp. Outside the gates of the holy city suffering reproach,while waiting for the real Kingdom. I have extended the invitation to the marriage feast to many brothers and have in return been treated with contempt and insolence. I am now singing the song of Moses.

Anonymous said...

Hi! abledbodiedman.
I too have left the city and disassociated myself from Jehovahs witnesses and I too am shunned by all of my so-called friends.
Keep heart because Jesus will return shortly with his angels to collect the chosen ones to meet up with him. 1st Thess 4v17. Matt 24v30-31. Those still inside the city of Jerusalem (the ORG) still believe in the lies and did not listen to the truth and get saved. 2nd Thess 2. Also,the two witnesses (angelic ones)sent into the "temple" of the anointed ones still on the earth revealed to them the man of lawlessness sitting amongst them and they left the city. Rev 11.

Jesus return is close now. check it out.

grandpa len said...

ok. so, witnesses are imperfect.

got something better? see, as many goofs as we have made in the past, we have /corrected/ them.

now, if we are so bad, is there something better?

if so, what?

let me know.

grandpa len

yeah, everyone knows me. write me.


PS: oh. fwiw, there are two or three who are watching me send you this letter. one is a bible student. the other is his wife, who just HATES the witnesses because we are so different.

but, she tolerates me because no one else will help her with her business.

her mom's church, plain vanilla prots/ rocath lite, does nothing to help.

my my. len is so bad, but he helps so many so much in so many ways.

now, you are on. i will send a copy to her.

adios from the beach.