Wednesday, January 09, 2008

July 1955 Watchtower

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Please read this quote from the July 1st 1955 Watchtower magazine. It reveals that a time did exist when the Watchtower Society understood the importance of keeping God’s commandments without spot. Consider the example of Adam and Eve. Adam understood there would be a consequence to disobeying God’s commandments and yet he still disobeyed. In modern times we have an opportunity to obey God just as Adam once had. This quote from the 1955 Watchtower magazine stands as solemn testimony to the fact that Jehovah’s own Witnesses at one time understood the baptismal command and yet have now wilfully disobeyed it. The consequence for Adam’s disobeying the command to refrain from eating fruit from a tree was death. What should the consequence now be for disobeying God’s baptismal command which allows Satan to taunt Jehovah right to his face in such an abominable and reprehensible way inside his own holy temple? A person who disobeys God in such a way and yet also understands the value of the ransom sacrifice has no other sacrifice remaining with which to benefit from again. Satan’s weeds will try very hard to belittle the consequence of disobeying the baptismal commandment. When they do please remind them that the consequence for eating fruit from the wrong tree was death for the entire human family! Don’t allow yourself to be deceived or undermined by Satan (and his weeds) just as Adam and Eve were.

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